Cylindrical Gear School

Datum 29. Sep. - 01. Okt. 2020
Querétaro, Mexiko
Gleason Mexico S. de R.L. De C.V.
Acceso C 103, Jurica
76100 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.
Sprache spanisch
Level Basis
Prozess Wälzfräsen, Fräsen / Zahnformfräsen, Wälzstoßen, Messen - Analytische Verzahnungsmessung, Verzahnungstheorie
Veranstalter Gleason
Schulungsdauer 3 days
Teilnehmeranzahl 5-10
Price Tags $ 9,898.29 MXP 16% VAT not included

Cylindrical Gear School

Fundamentals of gears, gear inspection, use and care of cutting tools; materials and coatings.

Topics Covered:


▪ Gear history
▪ Gear types
▪ Involute gear geometry
▪ Gear tooth systems
▪ General formulas
▪ Mathematics


High Speed Steels and Coating

Gear Cutting
▪ Forming
▪ Generating
▪ Shaping
▪ Hobbing
▪ Tool Tolerances vs. Gear Tolerances
▪ Tool design, use and maintenance


Gear Inspection

▪ Functional
▪ Analytical
▪ Automatic and Semi-Automatic
▪ Chart interpretation – Analytical and Functional



▪ Individual Instruction
▪ Specific Problems


Upon Completion:

A certificate is issued with successful completion.