Quik-Flex Plus - The Fast, Accurate and Simple Cylindrical Gear Workholding System

Modular, tool-less and extremely accurate workholding system. Quik-Flex Plus cuts cylindrical gear changeover time to just 30 seconds or less.



Workholding modules are available in standard and custom sizes to meet the widest range of applications and spindle requirements.


Quik-Flex Plus is compact and robust, designed to handle forces generated during typical cylindrical gear processing including chamfering and deburring operations.

How it is Done

Install a new Quik-Flex Plus module onto the common workholding interface. The internal cam locking mechanism centers and secures the module. With just the twist of the activation, handle installation is now complete. Operator initiates a new cycle with the press of a button.


Optional adapter plates can be retrofit to earlier generation Quik-Flex, and other competitive, modular colleting workholding, enabling users to realize the benefits of the new system without completely replacing their older equipment.

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