Tailstock Clamping Units

We also offer tailstock units to complement your primary fixture, with quick change system if required. According to your existing fixture and desired overall solution, tailstock units can be mounted on the machine tailstock, headstock or a secondary spindle. In short, we make it fit.

Pendulum Units

Pendulum units are available for all major machine brands on the market. Quick-change pendulum units are designed with ergonomic operation in mind. With Gleason pendulum units, you replace only the component that comes in contact with the workpiece, not the entire unit. This allows the operator to change pendulums much faster with less effort. 

Always the Right Solution

We design and manufacture workholding systems to customers' unique production and quality requirements based on decades of experience in the field of gear manufacturing and clamping technology. Gleason workholding systems are ideal suited for both gears and non-gear applications across machines of many different manufacturers. 


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