Gleason LeCount Expanding Mandrels - For Exceptional Accuracy and Repeatability and Fast Load/Unload Time

Renowned worldwide as an ideal solution for the extreme precision required in the inspection environment, Gleason LeCount® Expanding Mandrels are available in a wide variety of expansion ranges and types to accommodate a multitude of inspection applications. 

Exceptional Performance

Extreme accuracy: 0.0025 mm (0.0001") TIR or better. The patented construction of LeCount Mandrels incorporates the principle of parallel expanding jaws sliding uniformly on inclined guides.

Great Expansion Range

Only twelve standard precision mandrels are required to hold all bore sizes from 6.35 (0.25") mm to 177.8 (7.000") mm in diameter.

Tap! It’s on. Tap! It’s off.

The workpiece is merely placed over the jaws of the mandrel while the dog end of the mandrel is tapped lightly against a softer metal or wood surface. LeCount inspection mandrels can be used for spline bore applications (major diameter or pitch line).

One Mandrel, Many Applications

Gleason LeCount Production "G" (Grinding) Mandrels bring the same performance to the production floor as their metrology counterparts, with a wide expansion range, high accuracy and robust clamping capability. Bore sizes range from 17.00 to 96.00 mm (0.670 - 3.80") with accuracies and repeatability of 0.005 mm (0.0002") TIR.

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