Template - UHT 1000T - Single Flank Testing Machine

Fast and Flexible Roll Testing for All Types of Large Gears

Gleason Welter UHT 1000T Single Flank Tester for pattern checking and single flank testing on bevel gears with a wide range of shaft angles, as well as parallel-axis and off-angle cylindrical gears.


Status Demonstration Machine
Control    Fanuc 31i Model B
Power Supply
480V / 60Hz or 400V / 50Hz
Rochester, New York, USA


The image is for illustration purposes only. The actual machine may vary depending on features and functions.


This particular machine has a gear diameter capacity up to 1000 mm, including 90°, angular bevel and cylindrical gear sets. It is equipped with the CNC Control of "X" Axis (Pinion Cone),"Y" Axis (Hypoid Offset) and "Z" Axis (Gear Cone). Furthermore, the machine has a servo driven B Axis and a fully integrated Single Flank Gear Inspection (SFT) and gated enclosure in place of light curtains.

Technical Data

Workpiece diameter, max. 1050 mm (41.34”)
Range of shaft angle 45 - 180°

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