GRS - Double Flank Gear Roller Systems

GRS Systems offer the flexibility and precision performance necessary to meet the composite testing demands of gear manufacturers. Manual or motorized double flank roller systems are available for inspection of external and internal gears of various materials including powdered metal and plastic.


Workpiece outside diameter, max. 304.8 mm
Workpiece weight, max. 22.7 kg


Double Flank Test Analysis Software

GMS Double Flank Test Analysis Software has the capability to inspect total composite variation, worst tooth-to-tooth variation, average tooth-to-tooth, and much more.

Component Test Setup

GRS provides inspection based on time and number of revolutions (1–8 rev).

Regular or Heavy-Duty

Choose between the standard Double Flank Gear Roller System for regular gears and the heavy-duty execution for larger gears.

Win Roll Main Screen Interface

Recall & re-analyze data including visual indicators, setup master gear only once (F4 setup slide position) and analyze SPC.

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