300TWG - The Best Combination of Precision, Productivity and Flexibility

The Gleason 300TWG combines the best of both worlds: productivity and flexibility in one compact threaded wheel grinding machine. 4 different dressing options ensure flexibility or productivity depending on your application.


Workpiece diameter, max.
300 mm
Module, max.
5 mm
Axial slide travel, max.
450 mm 

Various Dressing Options

The integrated dressing unit allows for 4 different dressing methods including contour dressing for high flexibility or multi-disc dressing for maximum productivity.

VRM Grinding

Influence the typical surface texture of ground gears with the VRM feature (Variable Rate Method) to achieve surface textures with improved noise emission characteristics.

Integrated Onboard Inspection for Fast Setup

Measure results directly on the machine to speed up the setup procedure and create perfect teeth without the trial and error process.

Twist-Controlled Grinding

Achieve different amounts of twist on left and right flanks in double flank grinding mode to address twist or bias when grinding helical gears with lead modifications without impact to the grinding time.

Closed Loop Ready

Create a direct link between your Gleason Metrology System inspection center and your 300TWG machine. The grinding machine will compare the data transmitted with the nominal values and automatically calculate the corrections required.

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