410SCG - The Expert in Shaving Cutter Grinding 

In 1956 Gleason presented the first Shaving Cutter Grinding Machine. The 410SCG represents the latest evolution of its kind. It is ideally suited for the high-precision grinding and sharpening of shaving cutters, master gears, rolling tools, indexing plates as well as similarly shaped tools.


Shaving cutter outside diameter, max.
400 mm
Shaving cutter module, max. 14 mm
Shaving cutter widths, max.
75 mm

Exceptionally Accurate Components for High-Precision Tool Grinding

Electronic pitch block, hydrostatic guideway and hydrostatic lead screw provide the necessary rigidity and stiffness as well as uniform movements.

Rapid Grinding Reduces Grinding Time

Gleason's unique rapid grinding option features a smart infeed strategy to improve grinding time significantly, without negative effects like increased grinding burn or additional tool wear.

On-Board Inspection for a Seamless Production Flow

Optional on-board inspection raises productivity by reducing waiting and setup time. Checking the test tooth directly on the machine avoids production interruptions.

Outside Diameter Grinding

The outside diameter grinding option enables the automatic matching of the cutter´s outside diameter to the regrinding curve.

Computer-Aided Grinding Made Easy

Gleason Technology Software for Computer-Aided Grinding defines and visualizes profile and lead corrections. Operating the machine’s manifold functions has never been easier.


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