GP200/GP300 - Highly Flexible Vertical Hobbing Machines for Various Applications

The GP200 and GP300 Hobbing Machines are designed based on a common platform. The modular design allows the configuration of the machines according to many different requirements.


Workpiece diameter, max.  300 mm 
Module, max.  6 mm 
Axial slide travel, max.   440 mm


Various Applications

Besides the standard hobbing processes, the GP200/GP300 can be configured for various applications like the hobbing of multipe gears, worm gear hobbing, skive hobbing of hardened gears or the cutting of special profiles.

Efficient Chamfering

Optional chamfer rolling and deburring unit for chamfering of gears in parallel to the hobbing process.

Any Way You Want It

Options include NC-driven tailstock, wet or dry cutting, additional application software and more.

Choose the Automation You Like

Two- or four station ring-loader, pallet ring conveyer, robot loading.


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