Agilus 180TH - Complete Machining of Gears

The Agilus® 180TH Gear Machining Center combines turning, hobbing and auxiliary processes in one universal machine, capable of machining shaft- and disc-type workpieces in a single Setup.


Workpiece diameter, max.  180 mm
Module, max. 3 mm
Axial slide travel, max.      600 mm 



Turning, Hobbing, Drilling and Chamfering/Deburring in a Single Setup

Integrated tool turret for fixed or driven tools allows turning, drilling, milling and chamfering/deburring operations to be performed in the same setup as hobbing.

Workpiece Change in Seconds

The universal automation interface flexibly connects to external automation requirements. 

Designed for Wet or Dry Machining

Tool Turret Accommodates up to 12 Different Tools

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