B-L10 - Lapping and Testing

Length of Course:

One week


At Your Location

Course Description:

This course will provide theoretical instruction and practical experience in testing and lapping of Gleason hypoid gear sets. The trainee will study the effects of heat treatment changes, lapping compound differences and other modifications in lapping techniques. Practical experience will be given in the setup and operation of Gleason 600HTL lapper. The class will discuss face milling or face hobbing lapping methods.

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

  • Gear tooth nomenclature
  • Procedure for making "E-P-G" checks
  • Description of various types of Gleason test machines
  • Testing using "E&P" moves
  • Setup and operation of Gleason hypoid testers
  • Setup and demo of lapping gear sets
  • Machine movements in the development of the tooth surface