B-TE42 - Applied Bevel Gear Engineering

Length of Course:

One week.


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Course Description:

This course is a continuation of subjects covered in the Fundamentals of Bevel Gear Design. This class is an in-depth series of lectures, discussions and hands-on workshops including Gleason computer programs. The student will gain a working knowledge of the theory of tooth contact pattern development and the use of Gleason computer programs for Tooth Contact Analysis (TCA), undercut check, and summary of machine settings. In addition, product application testing, the computer program for tooth contact analysis under load(LTCA) and methods of hard finishing of bevel and hypoid gears will be covered.

Recommended For:

Personnel currently active in work assignments relating to the design of bevel and hypoid gears for mechanical power transmission systems or responsible for the creation of cutting or grinding summaries. Trainees attending this course may bring a specific design problem for an existing or future application. Data for any specific problem should include horsepower, speed, torque loads, size restrictions, etc. It is suggested that trainees bring an electronic calculator with them. 

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

The following subjects will be covered during each class day.  They are not available as separate courses.

  • Introduction to Gleason cutting machines
  • Tooth development techniques
  • Introduction to TCA
  • Explanation of computer program input
  • Workshop to calculate TCA and machine summary
  • Explanation of summary of machine setup print out
  • Tooth contact analysis under load (LCTA)
  • The Gleason Completing System (design, TCA, development)
  • Tooth contact, deflection and fatigue testing
  • Methods of hard finishing bevel and hypoid gears


The student should have prior knowledge and familiarization with bevel gear design procedures, tooth proportions systems, manufacturing processes and the Gleason dimensions sheet. It is preferred that trainees first attend the Fundamentals of Bevel Gear Design course.