B-C30 - Electrical Maintenance

Length of Course:

One week.


At Your Location

Course Description:

The electrical maintenance course will give the student a complete understanding of the control system used on Gleason machines.  The class will address both the machine and auxiliary electronic hardware, including use of the software for various units.  The class will combine theory of the system with practical hands-on troubleshooting techniques. These machines include:

  • 275HC PHOENIX® Hypoid Cutting Machine
  • 280HC PHOENIX® Hypoid Cutting Machine
  • 600HC PHOENIX® Hypoid Cutting Machine
  • 1000HC PHOENIX® Hypoid Cutting Machine
  • 275G PHOENIX® Hypoid Grinder
  • 600G PHOENIX® Hypoid Grinder
  • 800G PHOENIX® Hypoid Grinder
  • 360AT PHOENIX® CNC Gear Testing Machine
  • 600HTT PHOENIX® CNC Gear Testing Machine
  • 600HTL Turbo Lapping Machine
  • BPG Cutter Sharpening Machine
  • GP Series Cylindrical Machines

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

  • Overview of control components
  • Servo loop theory
  • Machine electrical/electronic components
  • CNC programs
  • Schematic and wiring diagrams
  • Adjustments to electrical/electronic systems
  • Troubleshooting machine electrical/electronic systems



These student should have prior knowledge and familiarization with MS Windows® (personal computer systems) and general familiarization with PLC - CNC servo systems.  Training is subject to machine availability.