B-TE41 - Fundamentals of Bevel Gear Design

Length of Course:

One week.


At Your Location

Course Description:

The primary emphasis of this course is on the design elements of bevel and hypoid gears. Lectures will cover gear theory, terminology, selection of gear size, tooth design parameters and cutting methods. Students will calculate gear dimension sheets, using Gleason time sharing computer programs and evaluate the resulting stress data. This course can be taught in either a text or Windows® based format.





Recommended For:

Recommended for personnel who are currently assigned to gear design and engineering activities. Trainees who attend this course may bring a specific design problem. Data should include horsepower, speed, torque loads, ratio, etc. for an existing or future application. It is suggested that trainees bring an electronic calculator with them.






Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

The following subjects will be covered during each class day.  They are not available as separate courses.

  • Gear Nomenclature
  • Theory of generation
  • Cutting processes and tools
  • Explanation of dimension sheets
  • Approximating gear size
  • Calculation of stresses and gear life
  • Gear blank dimensions and tolerances
  • Gear lubrication
  • Gear mountings
  • Types of failures
  • Calculation of dimension sheet using Gleason computer programs