B-TE40 - Gear Process Theory

Length of Course:

One Week


At Your Location

Course Description:

This introductory course is intended to familiarize the trainee with spur, helical, bevel and hypoid gear nomenclature. The use of various cutting methods in Gleason machines. Tooling and processes used in gear manufacturing combined with lectures,  visual examples, question and answer periods.

Recommended For:

Recommended for engineering and manufacturing personnel requiring a basic working knowledge of the subjects included in the course.

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

Course Outline: The following four subjects will be covered during each class. They are not available as separate courses.

Technical Discussions Covering Nomenclature

• Various types and classifications of gears and their meshing characteristics. Cutting methods used to produce bevel and hypoid gears and pinions. Blank tolerances and configurations required to produce quality gear sets in Gleason machines. Basic concept of inspection and testing of spur, helical, bevel and hypoid gears.

Cutters and Cutting Tools

• Description of various types of Gleason face mill, face hob, REVACYCLE® and straight bevel gear cutters. Terminology identification, assembly, truing and mounting of face mill and face hob cutters.

Workholding Equipment and Arbor Maintenance

• Discussions on applications and maintenance of TANLINE®, X-PANDISK®, VERS-GRIP® and UNI-SPAND® equipment.

Fundamentals of Heat Treatment

• Basic metallurgical discussion concerning terminology of heat treatment, volumetric changes, distortions and residual stresses in heat treated gears with possible causes and corrective actions.