C-D60 - Tool Resharpening & Adjustments, Cylindrical Deburring

Length of Course:

2 days, 7 hours each


At Your Location

Course Description:

Experts in the field of gearings refer our application training as an important contribution to machining of gears. That is why we look upon our product trainings as are piece of our machine systems.

Type:  Tool-Application Training No. C-D60

Technology:  Deburring and chamfering

Number of participants: max. 6

Place of the course:

As the workshop requires some time in our tool production, the course has to be performed at our facility in Munich, Germany.

Additional suitable products would be:

Recommended For:

Aimed at production personnel (Operator, Jobsetter, Tooling Engineer) who work with finished machine.

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

  • The technology of deburring
  • Machine developments regarding deburring
  • Construction forms of tools and possibilities to employ
  • Resharpen tools according drawing
  • Assembly and adjusting the tools in practice
  • Practical tool testing
  • Influencing parameters and causes of faults
  • Handling of the Gleason Special Setup device (not included in Training Price)
  • Testing and evaluating chamfer size



Finish Operator Training. We assume basic knowledge in processing gears.