C-GS1 Gear Seminars - Manufacturing of Soft Cylindrical Gears

Length of Course:

3 days


At Your Location

Course Description:

Participants will gain a comprehensive overview of the most modern gear cutting techniques for soft processing from individual production to mass production.

Recommended For:

Experts in the areas of design, work preparation, manufacture and quality assurance.

Note: Maximum of 36 participants.

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

  • Basics of gear cutting.

  • Existence of gear deviations.

  • Basics of precision.

  • Assessment of the quality of gears.

  • Efficient work on modern CNC-gear cutting machines (hobbing, shaping, shaving and deburring).

  • Cutting tools for various kinds of manufacturing.

  • Economical technology with hobbing.

  • Optimization of machine and cutting tool use.

  • Dry cutting of gears.

  • View to hard gear finishing.



Basic knowledge of gear cutting and knowledge of the various manufacturing techniques for toothed gear processes.