C-SP10 - Machine Operation, Cylindrical Shaping

Length of Course:

3 days; 4 days with an interpreter Commencement and completion following consultation.


At Your Location

Course Description:

Participants will be able to set-up numerically controlled shaping machines and process high-quality workpieces.

The machine must be available for the duration of the course.  Of course we take into consideration the demands or wishes of the participants.

Recommended For:

Machine operators, machine workers, setter and foremen.

Note: Maximum of 4 participants.

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

  • Correct preparation of the machine for the manufacture of work gears.

  • Preventive measures for avoiding errors.

  • Inputting data into the Gleason-Pfauter shaping dialogue program.

  • Analysis of processed work gears.

  • Measures to improve quality by changing the machine equipment and by means of specific program changes.

  • Optimization of technology data and time data.



Course SP20 "Shaping-Technology and Dialogue-program".  Experience in handling numerically controlled machines are desirable.