C-TWG40 - Technology and Dialogue Program

Length of Course:

2 days (7 hours each)


At Your Location

Course Description:

The training is intended for programming personnel of Gleason machines.  Training consists program correction and maintenance of grinding programs as well as creating new Gleason programs

Recommended For:

The course is intended for programming personnel.

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

  • Proper use of the safety requirements for Gleason machines
  • Basic structure of the machine
  • Locating the cause of malfunctions (by interpreting indications and error messages, tracing signals on the basis of circuit diagrams, using software tools
  • Operating the machine to the extent necessary for service
  • The design of the electrical part and function of the components
  • Backup the hard drive and restore (GHOST)
  • Structure of the program (Gleason HMI)
  • Questions and answers


Basic knowledge of processing gears and using a PC is required.