GS2 Gleason Cutting Tools – “Gear School” Fundamental Gear Course

Length of Course:

3.5 days


At Your Location

Course Description:

The course is a parallel axial gear course dealing with fundamentals of gears, gear inspection, use and care of cutting tools and materials and coating for these tools.

Recommended For:

The course is recommended for any person in the gear industry who wants knowledge of the fundamentals of gears.

The past attendance varied from people in the purchase of gear products, sales of the gear products, gear engineers and gear manufacturing engineers.

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

  • Fundamentals
    • Gear History
    • Gear Types
    • Involute Gear Geometry
    • Gear Tooth Systems
    • General Formulas
    • Mathematics
  • High Speed Steels and Coating
  • Cutting the Gear
    • Forming
    • Generating        
      • Shaping
      • Hobbing
      • Tool Tolerances vs. Ger Tolerances
      • Tool Design, Use and Maintenance
  • Gear Inspection
    • Function
    • Analytical
    • Automatic and Semi-Automatic
    • Chart Interpretation – Analytical and Functional
  • Gleason Cutting Tools Plant Tour
  • Off-site Tour of a complete Gear Manufacturing Facility (optional)
  • Individual Instruction and Specific Problems