C-H10 - Machine Operation, Cylindrical Hobbing

Length of Course:

3 days; 4 days with an interpreter. Commencement and completion following consultation.


At Your Location

Course Description:

Target Group: Machine operators, machine workers, setter and foremen.

Participants will be able to set-up numerically controlled hobbing machines and process high-quality workpieces.

The machine must be available for the duration of the course.  Of course we take consideration of the demands and requirements of the participants.

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

  • Correct preparation of the machine for manufacture of work gears.
  • Preventive measures for avoiding errors.
  • Inputting data into the Gleason-Pfauter hobbing dialogue program.
  • Analysis of processed work gears.
  • Measures to improve quality by changing the machine equipment and by means of specific program changes.
  • Optimization of technology data and time data.


Course H20 "Hobbing - Technology and Dialogue-program".  Experience in handling numerically controlled machines are desirable.