GMS - Cylindrical Gear Metrology

Length of Course:

Three days


At Your Location

Course Description:

This comprehensive three (3) day program provides a solid introduction for those new to the gear industry as well as an excellent review for experienced technologists. The Basic Gear Metrology module focuses on the involute helicoid system that is widely used for cylindrical gears and splines. Composite and elemental measurement methods are described and contrasted. Categories, causes, and consequences of gear accuracy errors are discussed.

The Calibration and Metrology module explores the subject of measurement validity beginning with discussion of important but often overlooked metrology issues. New traceability and calibration concepts are outlined. An introduction to statistical estimation of measurement uncertainty is included.

The Gear Accuracy Standards module brings participants up to date with the recent changes in important AGMA and ISO documents.

A Spline Measurement Module can also be included in the program.

Training groups are kept small so that individual concerns may be fully addressed.

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

A tour and demonstrations are conducted at the Gleason-M&M Precision Systems facility in Dayton, Ohio, so attendees can see the practical applicability of what they've learned. Also included is a tour of the Gleason-M&M Calibration Lab, the only A2LA-Accredited gear lab in America.