B-M40 - Gear Inspection and Metrology

Length of Course:

One week.


At Your Location

Course Description:

This course deals with the aspects of measuring specific gear parameters. It is intended to cover all of the various measurement techniques and equipment offered by Gleason for the gear metrology function. The course provides an overview of the various inspection techniques utilized by Geason. 

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

  • Gear measurement theory 
  • AGMA quality standards
  • Terminology of gear measurement
  • Gear parameters to be measured
  • Types of measurement equipment
  • Bevel/cylindrical (parallel axis) measurement
  • G-AGE™ flank form and spacing output
  • Explanation concept of single flank and vibration testing
  • Conventional roll test machinery
  • "E-P-G" test related to T.C.A.
  • Precision index spacing checks