B-C40 - Face Milling Development; Tilt/Modified Roll

Length of Course:

5 days


At Your Location

Course Description:

This course will provide instruction in the theory and practical application of techniques for the development of Pinion Tooth Contacts to mate with Gleason FORMATE™ hypoid bevel gears. Pinion finishing with fixed settings method will be taught. Explanation of spiral bevel development will also be discussed, if requested. Terminology, blank checking, first and second order development changes will be also explained and demonstrated. In addition, the observation of tooth geometry relating to Tooth Contact Analysis (TCA) computer output will be demonstrated. Practical experience will be given in the setup and operation of Gleason generators and testers.

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

  • Terminology
  • Description of motions of Gleason gear generators
  • Setup of Gleason generators
  • Gear test machine movements - "E-P-G"
  • Development of tooth contact patterns
  • Pressure angle, spiral angle, bias, cutter diameter, profile
  • Practical workshop to develop tooth contact pattern
  • Procedures in Gleason generators
  • Practical workshop and demonstration of tilt, modified roll