C-HN40 - Programming, Cylindrical Honing

Length of Course:

2 days (7 hours each)


At Your Location

Course Description:

Technology:  Spheric -Honing®    

Control:  Siemens 840D 

Intended for the programming personnel of Hurth-Honing 
machines. The following issues are tought:

  • Program correction and maintenance of honing programs
  • Creating new honing programs.

Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

  • Technological basics and dressing strategies when honing
  • Basics of the technology software
  • Data input at ZH

               Program structure of GHM-operating interface (Data input)

               Programming (sample work piece)

               Data management

  • Visit of the production and testing area with demonstration of machines



Basic knowledge of processing gears and using PC are required.