C-SP20- Mechanical Maintenance, Cylindrical Shaping

Length of Course:

3 days; 4 days with an interpreter. Commencement and completion following consultation.


At Your Location

Course Description:

Participants are familiarized with the structure and function of the mechanical and hydraulical assemblies  of a gear cutting machine. They will be able to recognise errors and carry out mechanical and hydraulic maintenance themselves.

Customer-specific training depends on the machine type, machine equipment, the previous knowledge and wishes of the participants.

Recommended For:

Repair and maintenance personnel.

Note: Maximum of 4 participants.


Tentative Outline of Class Topics:

  • Operating the machine.
  • Mechanical structure of the machine and other assemblies.
  • Structure of the hydraulic system and lubrication system.
  • Functional interactions with the control system.
  • Error and fault recognition.
  • Production: processing 1st work gear, dimensional corrections, processing subsequent work gears, circuit influences.
  • Trouble-shooting on mechanical and auxiliary equipment.
  • Preventive maintenance.



Specialized training, basic experience in hydraulics and pneumatics.