The increasing requirement for large gears means that bore- type parts weighing up to two tons are needed in large numbers.  The X-Pandisk® workholding equipment has resulted in workpiece changeover time being reduced by up to 70 % compared to conventional manual workholding concepts. This is achieved by means of automatic clamping and centering of the workpiece.

The X-Pandisk® workholding equipment is also designed for automatic loading to make production in medium to large-scale series even more economical.The key component is the X-Pandisk® which centers the workpiece.  The workpiece is not clamped in the axial plane by the pressure cover until the centering process is complete. It is this segregation of centering and clamping operations which allows such high workpiece weights (up to 2 tons) to be centered accurate to < 30 μm. 


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