Titan® 1500G

Up to 50% increase in productivity at maximum quality achieved by combination of threaded wheel and profile grinding.

  • Threaded wheel grinding up to module 14 is a unique feature worldwide.
  • Fully-automatic tool change.
  • Always the right concept. Starting from single-piece production Titan 1500G can be increased in stages up to fully-automated large-volume production and adapted to suit individual requirements:
    • pure profile grinding machine (profile depth up to 100 mm).
    • combined threaded wheel and profile grinding machine (profile depth up to 35 mm).
    • automatic tool and/or workpiece changer.
    • with set-up table for workpiece set-up occurs during the grinding process.
  • Advanced Profile Grinding. The unique and patented process of dual-flank twist-free grinding reduces finishing time by fifty percent.
  • The combination of threaded wheel and profile grinding significantly reduces grinding times by up to fifty percent.
  • Universal dresser allows dressing of both threaded and profile grinding wheels with only one dressing tool. No tooling-up necessary.
  • Automatic tool changer.
    • Set-up occurs during gear grinding.
    • Optimum graining of rough and finish grinding wheel.
    • No interfering contours between tool/workpiece in the entire diameter range.
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Nominal workpiece diameter
1500 mm
Minimum/maximum center distance
100 - 1100 mm
Maximum axial slide travel
700 (1000) (1300)