Hydraulic Workholding

Hydraulic Contraction and Expanding Arbors

In some special cases the typical mechanical arbor will not work due to the specific needs of the gear or pinion. In this situation a custom designed hydraulic arbor can be the best choice.

Accuracy and repeatability of 0.005mm ( 0.0002”) T.I.R Accuracy and repeatability of 0.005mm (0.0002”) T.I.R.

  • Expansion or contraction of the arbor is dependant on the size of the bore or shank of the gear to be held.
  • Torque holding capacity is dependant on the pressure used and the area of the surface being held. The pressure can be adjusted to allow sufficient holding power for most any processes.
  • Pressure limiters can be used protect the hydraulic arbor from damage. Also the arbor is designed so that no damage will occur if the arbor is activated without a part in place
  • Dependant on the locating diameter the arbor can be compatible with auto loader
  • For gears and pinions with a bore or o.d. with a  size of 1.500" and larger
  • Can be activated manually or by the machine drawrod dependant on the application
  • Can be used to minimize distortion in thin walled or delicate parts.
  • Fully sealed unit for minimal or no maintenance
  • Contamination proof since locating diameters have no moving parts

Optional features:

  • Quick change
  • Air blank seating (with properly equipped machine)
  • Interchangeable sleeves to adapt to different gear or pinion sizes
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