GRS - 2

  • Efficient and reliable functional testing
  • Accurate and affordable manufacturing process control
  • Windows-based, user-friendly software

Gleason Metrology Systems durable and reliable double flank gear roller systems are well suited for use on the shop floor or in the inspection lab. Choose from the simplest manual (hand) double flank gear roller with indicator, a motorized model with indicator, or the motorized model with integrated Gleason Metrology Systems Double Flank Analysis Software. For powdered metal and plastic gear manufacturers, Gleason Metrology Systems provides an optional force measurement sensing slide configuration incorporating a force gauge for true testing pressure readings.

PC-based Gleason Metrology Systems Double Flank Analysis Software allows the user to set tolerances on total composite, tooth-to-tooth, and runout parameters to determine if components are within specification. If a component is out of specification, the software marks the out of tolerance value and rejects the part. Nicks are clearly marked on the chart, and nick values may be included or excluded in the analysis calculations.

Both graphical and numerical results are displayed on the PC monitor. These results may be printed on standard paper, thus eliminating antiquated strip chart rolls.
The software enables the operator to save the test results in a data base format (.csv file) which interfaces with available SPC software.

The optional functional tooth thickness software enhancement calculates functional size of a component from the tight mesh center distance variation. This allows average DOP values to be inspected to tolerance levels Use the software bias feature to correlate the result to conventional DOP.

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