The Gleason Blade Profile Grinder is designed to significantly reduce floor-to-floor times -- and the cost of blade resharpening -- by combining a unique Gleason Quickedge™ grinding process and adaptive control with high-speed, flexible automation. The Quickedge™ process and adaptive control features faster stock removal rates, while reducing wheel wear. In addition, the process offers fast, highly repeatable results for a wide variety of Gleason and non-Gleason “stick type” blades of high speed steel and carbide materials. Sharpening of all stick blade geometries including front and back face are possible.

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English - Max
English - Min
Gleason TRI-AC® (rectangular)
0.600 x 0.775"
0.400 x 0.500"
Gleason RSR® (rectangular)
0.750 x 1.250"
0.380 x 0.500"
Gleason PENTAC® (5-sided)
0.70 x 1.250" (nom)
0.400 x 0.500" (nom)