P60 Gleason-Pfauter Gear Hobbing Machine with horizontal workpiece axis. For hobbing of shaft- and wheel-type workpieces with all kinds of profiles or forms equally spaced on the cylindrical workpiece circumference, including single- and multi-start worms. The P60 has been designed with reserves for future tool developments with capability for high-speed steel or carbide tools, wet or dry cutting. Subtly arranged NC axes produce a clean and ergonomic work area. All machine components not directly involved in the cutting process are located outside the work area readily accessible for easy maintenance. The chip removal is carried out according to customers requirements. Never before was so much versatility available using only 3.5 square meters approximately.

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Nominal workpiece diameter:
80/120 mm
Nominal module of machine:
2.5 mm
Maximum axial slide travel
320/400 mm*