A family of gear gashing, shaping and hobbing cutters that employ the latest in replaceable, indexable insert technology to improve cutting efficiencies for production of large spur and helical gears.

Now all the benefits of the latest replaceable, indexable insert technology are yours with the new Opti-Cut® series of cutting tools from Gleason.

The entire line of Opti-Cut® tools is designed to operate on your existing Gleason and non-Gleason gear equipment for Rough or Finish Gashing as well as for Hobbing and Shaping. The replaceable insert system offers a number of distinct advantages in gear production, including more efficient cutting action with higher feeds and speeds, lower tool and overall cost per work piece, and optimized machine power consumption. In fact, actual test results have shown that Opti-Cut can reduce cost per part by as much as 60% when compared with high speed steel tools. In addition, tool life, surface finish, and part accuracy are more consistent. The time and expense of resharpening solid tools is eliminated, and cutting tool inventory is dramatically reduced.

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