Gleason has again developed a process to increase the effectiveness of profile grinding. Instead of using just one grinding wheel the new OPTI GRIND process uses three or more wheels in parallel to grind your gears faster and more productively. This option is available on new profile grinding machines up to 6,000 mm from Gleason-Pfauter and can be used either for maximized productivity or to grind your gears up to module 16 mm with a much better surface finish.

A maximum productivity increase of up to 40% is achievable by using 4 or more flanks in rough grinding. The finish pass is performed conventionally by using one grinding wheel in order to grind the desired flank modifications including Gleason's patented double flank twist compensation. Therefore the two parallel wheels will be automatically dressed to a smaller wheel diameter in order not to touch the nearby flanks.

The other strategy targets a much better surface finish quality. In conventional profile grinding the grinding wheel grit size is always a compromise to match a high roughing performance and a reasonable surface finishing quality. OPTI GRIND allows to separate these contrary tasks. Using special grit size wheels just for roughing makes it possible to even increase the roughing performance and to use a much finer grit size for the finish pass. This results in a faster cycle with a much better surface finish of Ra < 0,2 µm or Rz < 1,5 µm.

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