PENTAC® PLUS, the next generation of Gleason revolutionary cutters. Renowned world-wide for their precision and reliability, Gleason PENTAC PLUS has taken cutter technology a step ahead. Compared to the standard PENTAC system, PENTAC PLUS cutter heads are specifically engineered to improve the chip removing process and to prevent chip packing in all high efficiency dry cutting machines, resulting in significantly higher tool life and improved productivity. It is an improvement that is especially realized with cutters using multiple face blade geometry.

  • The next generation PENTAC technology for both face hobbing (FH) and face milling (FM).
  • Available in carbide and high speed steel, with various coatings.
  • PENTAC PLUS friction free-clamp blocks allow very easy and very precise micro blade adjustments for faster cutter building.
  • Features the first-ever 3-point stick blade seating design to withstand cutting forces that can typically effect accuracy and stability.
  • Medium to high volume applications
  • Cutter diameters from 1.5-18” (FM) and 51-200 mm (FH)
  • Re-sharpening on Gleason BPG Profile Grinder
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