Uni Spand

Uni-Spand® Arbor

The Uni-Spand is the arbor of choice for ID clamping and centering of small to medium size cylindrical or bevel gears for cutting. The Uni-Spand can also be used for lapping, testing and grinding of much larger gears due to the lower forces on the arbor.


  • Accuracy and repeatability of0.005 mm (0.0002") T.I.R.
  • Expansion in excess of0.508 mm (0.020" )
  • Capable of handling any gear manufacturing process due to the high torque holding ability of the arbor
  • Internal collet safety to protect the collet from damage
  • For cutting gears with a bore size range of  76 mm (3") to 178mm (7")
  • For lapping and testing gears with a bore size of 76mm (3") and greater
  • Part pull back to seat the gear against the backing surface
  • Compatible with auto loader
  • Ease of maintenance since the spring can be removed from the front of the arbor even while it is mounted in a machine

Optional features:

  • Quick Change
  • Air Blank Seating
  • Drive key for additional torque holding capacity for cutting only

Unispand Graph

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