1000GMS® Gear Measuring Machine

The 1000GMS Gear Measuring Machines 

Complete inspection of gears as large as 1 meter in diameter now can be performed up to 25% faster with the introduction of the Gleason 1000GMS Analytical Gear Inspection System, the first in a new generation of systems from Gleason Metrology Systems Corporation (formerly Gleason-M&M Precision Systems Corporation).

Among the many new design features now available on the new 1000GMS is the powerful GAMA™ 2.0 (Gleason Automated Measurement and Analysis), Windows® “object oriented” applications software suite, which offers users not only significantly faster cycle times, but also a highly desirable menu-driven human/machine interface that greatly simplifies day-to-day operation.

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Massimo peso del pezzo
2200 kg / 4840 Lbs
Massima lunghezza pezzo
1300 mm / 51.2"
Massimo diametro del pezzo
1000 mm / 39.4"

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