Milling Cutters

We offer a complete line of cutters for everything from making hand tools or saw blades to producing precision threads. Our milling cutters can be made of any high-speed steel or carbide, from standard convex and concave radius designs to the most complex helical impeller rotor form imaginable

Designs include:

  • Ground and unground forms
  • Straight helical or angular flutes
  • Radial, positive or negative rake tooth faces
  • Gang sections butted together or interlocked
  • Staggered or intermittent cutting teeth
  • Radial, axial and undercut clearances

The cam-relieved teeth common to milling cutters can be sharpened back through their full life without changing tooth form. Since cutter teeth are form-relieved, only their faces need to be sharpened. Cutter accuracy is maintained as long as the tool is resharpened accurately.

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