Máquina comprobadora de engranajes 2000GMS®

The 2000GMS Gear Inspection Machine offers all the advantages of Gleason Metrology Systems technology in gear measurement, including five-axis design, generative motion, state-of-the- art 3D scanning probe systems, linear drive motors and Gleason Metrology Systems GAMA (Gleason Automated Measurement & Analysis) software, plus

• Performance, Accuracy and Versatility
• Compact design for minimum footprint.

Completely redesigned for more fluid movement, less heat generation and superior accuracy. Like all GMS series, the accuracy of the 2000GMS is certified via the ISO17025 and A2LA® quality systems adopted by Gleason Metrology Systems and meets VDI/VDE 2612/2613 class 1 specifications.

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Peso máximo de la pieza
9100 kg
Longitud máxima de la pieza
2000 mm / 78.7"
Diámetro máximo de pieza
2000 mm

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