Diamond Dressing Master Gear

Developed Threaded Wheel Grinders (TWG-series), a dressing system with a diamond plated dressing gear and diamond plated dressing roll is available. A conventional dressing system for dressing the grinding wheel worm can also be used. The diamond plated gear method provides numerous advantages for medium to large scale production volumes:

  • Minimal dressing times.
  • Dressing time independent of number of starts of the grinding worm. This results in considerable time saving for high start number grinding.
  • No pitch errors between the individual worm starts.
  • Dressing at speeds similar to those of grinding generates an open grinding wheel structure which reduces the risk of overheating during grinding.
  • Higher parts yield per dressing cycle due to the open grinding wheel structure.

This increases economy in medium and large-scale production. Our many years' experience of dressing in gear honing were incorporated in the development of this dressing technology. In addition to machine and process development, particular attention was paid to the dressing tool. The dressing wheel and dressing roll are combined to form a tool set. This is integrated in the clamping fixture of the workpiece. This results in

  • simpler machine setup,
  • no loading times when dressing,
  • increased rigidity during the dressing process, combined with increased dressing precision,
  • the cycle time for tooth flank and O.D. dressing is reduced,
  • standardization of the dressing tool.
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