Honing Rings

Gleason honing tools support and complement the Gleason Hurth SphericTM Honing hard gear finishing process and machines. SphericTM Honing or Power Honing is a hard gear finishing process which generates a high quality final gear tooth geometry on hardened gears while improving surface structure. The Power Honing tool is an abrasive internal gear that engages with the workpiece (the external gear). A crossed axis axial sliding motion removes material from the tooth flanks. The three dimensional relative movements of SphericTM Honing result in high stock removal, longer tool life, good workpiece quality and easy geometric tooth corrections.

The Gleason Hurth honing tool consists of different and specifically developed synthetic resin bonded abrasive components. The honing tool is generated and redressed with a precision manufactured diamond dresser (external) master dressing gear; redressing occurs at programmed intervals in the process to maintain consistent workpiece quality. Honing rings are designed with Gleason Hurth's patented process to balance the meshing and contact conditions between the honing ring, the workpiece and the diamond dressing tool over the useful life of the honing ring.

Gleason Hurth designed honing rings and dressing tools can be applied to a variety of hard finishing applications with outstanding results.

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