Isoform® Shaper Cutter

The Isoform® generating process rolls the cutter from side to side as the profiled grinding wheel reciprocates through the tooth space. This method generates both sides simultaneously, resulting in a truer cutting geometry and higher quality of gears and other shaped forms through the life of the cutter.

The Isoform® grind method grinds the OD of the cutter teeth simultaneously, and perfectly concentric, with the tooth profile. At the tooth tips, it generates a tip contour that is consistent in cutting geometry from front to back. The result is stronger workpiece teeth (for minimum component size) with greater product design flexibility!

The Isoform® grind method generates true involute forms as well as non-involute forms both with consistent geometry from front to back. Isoform® shapers are available with wider-than-usual usable faces. Except for the unavoidable change in geometry inherent in the shaping process, there is no theoretical limit to the face width of an Isoform® shaper cutter. The result is a longer tool life with more workpieces per shaper!

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