300GMSL Multi-Sensor Inspection System

The Gleason 300GMSL Multi-Sensor Inspection System provides manufacturers a single, compact, reliable and easy to operate inspection solution to apply the most desirable gear measurement and analysis methods for both R&D and production applications for manufacturers of automotive, aircraft, and other like-sized gears. Benefits include:

  • Increased throughput with reduced cost of ownership and minimum floor-space requirements on a single machine platform offering multi-sensor capability.
  • High-speed, high-density, full form, non-contact topography scanning to address growing challenges such as gear noise reduction and complex profile analysis.
  • Surface finish measurement on gears with the ability to evaluate data for the most common surface roughness measurement parameters.
  • Barkhausen noise analysis for identification of residual and compressive stresses.

GMS is a registered trademark of The Gleason Works
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