Single Angle Expanding Arbor

Single Angle Expanding Arbor

The Single Angle Expanding Arbor was developed to locate a gear or pinion by expanding in one bore and pulling the part back against a seating surface to locate the part.


  • Accuracy and repeatability of (0.005mm) 0.0002”  T.I.R.
  • Expansion of up to 0.45 mm (0.018” ) for a long wear life
  • Bore tolerance of 0.127 mm (0.005”) or less is allowed
  • Torque holding capacity able to handle any gear process
  • Internal collet safety to protect the collet from damage if the arbor is activated without a part in place
  • Part pull back to insure positive seating of the part against the seating surface
  • Compatible with auto loader
  • For gears and pinions with a bore size range of 1.500" and larger

Optional features:

  • Quick change
  • Air blank seating (with properly equipped machine)
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