Variable Spline Indicator Gages

Compliant standards

ISO (International)
DIN (Germany)
ANSI /AGMA (American)
JIS (Japanese)

Range available

Max. diameter 350mm
Min. diameter 3mm
Max. number of teeth 500
Max. pitch 25.4 module
Min. pitch 0.1 module
Max. tooth length 150

Typical tolerances

Profile 0.005mm
Total Spacing 0.005mm
Runout 0.005mm
Tooth Alignment 0.0025mm
Space Width 0.005mm


Parallel (straight or helical)


Variable spline indicator ring gauges are ideally suited to measuring component effective tool thickness. We can also supply spline indicators with two opposite sectors of teeth to measure actual tool thickness.

We can supply ring gages with analog or digital indicators—or even with transducer ports, making SPC type analysis possible on an external computer or other processing device.

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