175GMS® Gear Inspection Machine

The new-generation Gleason 175GMS Analytical Gear Inspection System is the single solution for a wide range of inspection tasks: fine pitch gears as small as .2 module (optional), surface finish measurement down to 1.2 module (optional), even CMM measurement of prismatic parts. It’s the perfect combination of versatility, productivity and ease of use.


  • The 175GMS is highly compact, with more capacity than competitors’ machines in the same class.
  • GAMATM  applications and control software. The 175GMS uses the latest version of the globally popular GAMA applications software, so it’s fully compatible with  Windows® 7 and can be easily networked in more factory environments.
  • Optional high speed 6-position Automatic Probe Changer to help reduce non-productive time.
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Maximum workpiece weight
22.7 kg / 50 Lbs
Maximum workpiece length
380 mm / 14.9"
Maximum workpiece diameter
175 mm / 6.9"

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