Rotary Chamfering and Deburring

Gleason-Hurth Chamfer & Deburring

Rotary Chamfering and Deburringde is a combined forming and metal-cutting process for deburring and chamfering of gears. The method is suitable for large-scale and serial production and is characterized by extremely long tool life and thus a high degree of economy.

The type of chamfer desired by the customer (size, course and angle) is defined by the tool, giving the latter key significance in the rotary chamfering and deburring process.


  • Module range 0.8 – 6 mm.
  • For wet and dry machining.
  • Extremely long tool life and high efficiency.
  • Chamfer shapes and sizes freely selectable.
  • Optional integrated burnishing feature.
  • Patented adjustable burnishing gear to adapt lead corrections of the helix angle to workpiece.
  • Resharpening and recoating services.
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