Gleason’s 300TWG Threaded Wheel and Profile Grinding Machine is the ideal solution for customers seeking both the higher productivity of threaded wheel grinding, and smaller batch, high precision profile grinding. Now, with integration of an onboard inspection unit, workpiece setup time for both processes can be significantly reduced. Instead of waiting for ‘first-piece’ inspection results from the measuring room, for example, all relevant features can be measured and evaluated right on the machine. Furthermore, the measurement process is based on the same powerful and user-friendly Gleason GAMA™ software found on Gleason’s GMS® inspection systems.

This machine offers the highest productivity and flexibility at the same time along with these productivity enhancing features:

  • Different dressing methods for different requirements from mass production to prototype production are available.
  • Multi disc or Double Flank dressing disc for mass production.
  • Single Flank dressing for high flexibility. One dressing tool to dress grinding wheels with different pressure angles and modules.
  • Contour dressing for the highest flexibility for profile modifications.
  • Profile Grinding Option, ideal for small batch sizes or flexibility demands.
  • Fully automatic setup of dressing disc and wheel positions reduces setup time.
  • Ring loader for fast loading of gears and shafts.
  • Optional Spin station to remove the oil after grinding.
  • Loading device for a safe and fast wheel change in less than one minute.
  • Latest direct drive spindles for highest dynamic and speeds.

Unique software features like:

  • The easiest operating software on the market allows employees to learn and run the machine within a few hours.
  • No programming required - users input data via user-friendly screens
  • The software automatically calculates a comprehensive process proposal including all necessary data such as cutting speed, number of strokes, feeds, amount of shifting etc. allowing operators, even those without a deep understanding of grinding, to get started quickly.
  • Twist controlled grinding to avoid or control for a certain amount of twist.
  • Variable Rate Method grinding to achieve a better surface texture for quieter gear sets.
  • Grinding of segmented gears.
  • Double flank crowning without impacting cycle time.
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Threaded Wheel Grinder 300TWG
Nominal workpiece diameter
300 mm
Nominal module range
0.5 mm - 7mm
Maximum axial travel
450 mm

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