150SPH\150SPH-L Spheric® Power Gear Honing Machine

Gleason-Hurth Spheric® gear honing technology is power honing state-of-the-art.  The 150SPH and its honing technology, is based on our decades of experience in manufacturing hard gear finishing machines.

The 150SPH and 150SPH-L is designed as a high-performance honing machine with minimum cycle times for both disk-type and shaft workpieces.

  • Extraordinarily high cutting speeds for extremely short machining times, resulting in maximum economy.
  • Special dressing process and long dressing cycles, resulting in low tool costs.
  • Spheric Honing for software-controlled corrections of flank geometry
  • Integrated technology software for process data calculation
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    Workpiece workpiece diameter
    150 mm
    Nominal module
    0.5 - 4.0 mm
    Shaft length max.
    550 mm