C-HN20 - Mechanical Maintenance, Cylindrical Honing

2 days (7 hours each)
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Type:  ZH  - Gear honing   

Control: Siemens 840D

The Mechanical Servicing training is aimed at personnel responsible for the maintenance and repair of Gleason-Hurth machines. The participants in this training are trained in the fundamentals of proper maintenance and repair work of the ZH series.

  • 150SPH\150SPH-L Spheric® Power Gear Honing Machine
  • ZH 250 Gear Honing Machine
  • Proper use of the safety requirements for Gleason-Hurth machine
  • Basic structure of the machine
  • Mode of operation of the individual components and machine assemblies

                Honing head


                Tailstock (optional)

                Work piece clamping fixture

  • Drawings and spare parts catalog
  • Operating the machine to the extent necessary for service
  • Deal with simple problems
  • Preventive maintenance and servicing work
  • Geometric adjustment
  • Questions and answers


The course is intended for the servicing and maintenance personnel.
Basic knowledge in maintenance of modern CNC-machines is required for this course.